Mileage Blocking Device — The Main Saviour for your Odometer Readings

Odometer correction devices are used to change the mileage counter of a car without dismantling the dashboard. The beauty of this tool is that changing the mileage is carried out by simply attaching the instrument to the dashboard.

In vehicles of the latest years of manufacturing and premium cars, mileage can be stored in several places — the engine block, tidy, light block, keys, automatic transmission unit, etc. A piece of more professional and expensive equipment is needed for a traceless change in the mileage at all locations, which is the Mileagefreezer device for stopping the speedometer.

Hallmarks of correcting electronic odometers

The odometer correction procedure depends on the type of odometer. Changing the numbers of the electronic odometer requires the use of a particular tool. In modern cars with electronic devices, mileage data can be stored:

  • on flash memory, which is soldered to the dashboard board;
  • in the ECU (electronic control unit);
  • in the ignition key, immobilizer, and other backup storage of information, the number and location of which depends on the car's make and model.

If there are several points of information storage, and their number in the most advanced modern cars reaches 7-8, it is necessary to adjust the memory of each device. The twisting of the electronic odometer without traces of interference in the vehicle with multi-stage data protection is possible. Therefore, it is possible only with the best device that will not allow information to come to these different points. Such an example is the Mileage Stopper — a device for freezing the miles traveled on the odometer.

Subtleties of functioning

Odometer stopping device is more suitable for new cars. Having it, you stop speedometer readings at any time you need. Moreover, for example, with an actual kilometer of 200 thousand kilometers, this distance can be reduced by half or even three times.

The algorithm of operation of this type of electronics can be set depending on your preferences:

  • Complete stop of the odometer.
  • Partial blocking. The speedometer shows half of the distance traveled.
  • Regular mode.

Consequently, the car owner gets the opportunity to independently adjust the operation of the odometer, reducing its readings or leaving the data in normal mode.


If you decide to stop the mileage of your car by installing this ground-breaking device, then you have made the right decision. Such a filter does not in any way affect the operation of the electronics of the automobile. It connects secretly, and standard buttons set the parameters of its process. At the same time, any errors during the work of the blocker are excluded.

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