Arabian Drifters Boasting their Skills [Video]

Where it comes to drifting, the Arabians are not far behind than any other professional drifters. They are very keen of experimenting different things and drifting is among one such passion.

After following the video, you will forget about the Ken Block and Tanner Foust. These Arabian drifters don’t opt for any racing track or safer place to boast their drifting skills, rather doing it on the public roads. Although it seems pretty awkward, but it is somehow an interesting experience. These Arabian drifters opt for family sedans, Accord, Sonata and Camry to perform drift on an open road.

You might find Jeremy Clarkson statement right in which he said, “This is what happens when you don’t let people drink,” after watching the video.

[youtube dGt0RnZcO88]

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