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VW Amarok Receives 8-Speed Transmission

It has been decided by Volkswagen that from 2012 onwards it will offer Amarok pickup truck with an 8-speed automatic transmission. By doing so, Volkswagen doesn’t actually boast off rather making their vehicle an example of sheer power and performance. … Continue reading

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Arabian Drifters Boasting their Skills [Video]

Where it comes to drifting, the Arabians are not far behind than any other professional drifters. They are very keen of experimenting different things and drifting is among one such passion. After following the video, you will forget about the … Continue reading

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Infiniti M35h – Fastest Accelerating Hybrid

The fresh Infiniti M35h Hybrid being the World’s fastest accelerating full hybrid vehicle got its name in the Guinness Books of World Record. The new 364 PS petrol/electric luxury sedan sprinted quarter a mile in 13.9031 seconds (average time of … Continue reading

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BMW 650i xDrive Released

BMW has finally announced their top of the line luxury coupe, the BMW 650i xDrive. It is 2012 model year with 4-wheel drive configuration. The car is powered by a similar 4.4-L, 400 hp V8 engine used in regular 650. … Continue reading

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Dagger GT Now Achieves 2700 hp, 315 mph

You must have remembered the TranStar Dagger GT. The Dagger GT has radically treated by the world’s best car maker. They have updated the specs on their official website claiming that the 2700 hp version of Dagger is able to … Continue reading

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Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series in the Pipeline

Through some reliable resources, it has been reported that the Black Series version of Mercedes SLS AMG is in its final stages of development. Although, the Standard SLS version is also a top class model, we can expect to something … Continue reading

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Kicherer Mercedes SLS Roadster

Kicherer is the first tuning firm that tuned the Mercedes SLS Roadster for the first time. Although, the tuned Kicherer SLS Roadster seems akin to Supersport GT SLS kit, the vehicle also receives front spoiler and rear diffuser. Perhaps, the … Continue reading

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Lamborghini Aventador vs Porsche GT2 RS – GRIP Test

A friendly match was held between the world’s two best supercars in the RTL’s best car show GRIP. This is more of a fun than a match. Axel Stein, a comedian and car nut supports the 700 hp Lamborghini Aventador, … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Drag Race! [Video]

The following video shows the chunks of ultimate drag race between the world’s best sportscar. Almost eleven sportscar took part in that Ultimate Drag Race and all of them belong to different brands including BMW 1M Coupe, Mustang Boss 302, … Continue reading

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Project Kahn Porsche Cayenne Vesuvius

At the event of Frankfurt Motor Show, Project Kahn introduced the new Vesuvius kit for Porsche Cayenne. Although, the kit is really remarkable, it is not as prominent because of the white exterior of the vehicle. Despite the fact that … Continue reading

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