The Future of Electric Vehicles

As a society we are gravitating towards increasingly eco-friendly alternative modes of transportation. A few decades ago, the idea of actually owning an electric vehicle (EV) seemed rather farfetched and financially unviable so, for many years, we stuck to petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles.

The exciting reality of rapid technological developments is that soon, everyone will be able to transition to an EV. The latest vehicles boast innovative features and a magnificent degree of modernity. Gone are the days of compromising your comfort for the sake of the environment; the future of EVs ensures you are able to check all the boxes.

The Benefits of Owning an Electric Vehicle

There is an array of pros associated with owning an EV. First and foremost, there is the environmental benefit. Fully electric cars do not have an exhaust system and are therefore not guilty of pumping greenhouse gasses into our damaged atmosphere. We are increasingly utilising renewable sources of energy from water, wind, and solar sources. This means that electricity has become a renewable resource whereas the is a finite supply of gasoline. The other major benefit of EVs is that they are significantly cheaper to run. The electricity required is a mere third of what is would cost to power a gas car. Furthermore, regenerative breaking technology makes this expense even less. The maintenance costs of EVs are also substantially less due to their lack of oil and reduced brake strain.

The Most Anticipated Electric Vehicles of the Future

Seat Minimo – this Twizy-style car was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. The vehicle is fully electric and efficiently addresses all the problematic elements of commuting in a busy city. It is small enough to manoeuvre through narrow streets and squeeze into tight spots while still seating two adults with ample room. At 2.5 metres long and 1.24 metres wide, it marries the convenience of a motorcycle with the comfort of a car.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz – the nostalgic appeal of this Microbus has every intention of making the boomers buy it. This EV is set to be released in 2023 and it is modelled on the classic first-generation type 2 Microbus from the 1950s and 1960s. It will utilise the increasingly popular MEB-platform component set and a battery pack will be located in the floor. Perfect for a family getaway, the Buzz will seat six to eight people.

Tesla Roadster – in the realm on EV’s, ‘Tesla’ is the name on everybody’s lips. Elon Musk never fails to surpass expectations as is proven by this model which he claims will be the fastest car in the world. The first open-top Tesla is rumoured to do 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds – an incredible feat by any standards. Musk declares that his invention-in-the-works has a top speed of 250mph and so, with bated breath, we await the release of the Roadster.

Jeep Wrangler Electric – this upcoming model isn’t going to be cheap, so you may have to spend your winnings to buy one. The Jeep takes the concept of EV off-road and it does so in style. Sales are predicted to commence in 2022 and the car is already predicted to be greatly successful due to its steadfast reputation as an American favourite.

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