How to Replace an Ignition Coil

Below guide will teach you How to Replace an Ignition Coil . Please follow the instructions carefully.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Combination Wrench Set
  • Socket and Ratchet Set
  • Spark Tester
  • Test Light
  • 3/8 in. Drive Ratchet
  • Ignition Coil

Estimated Costs:

  • DIY Costs: Est. $56.43 parts only
  • Shop Costs: Est. $135.32 parts and labor


  • Prop the engine hood up and find the ignition coil.
  • Attach the spark test to the ignition coil output.
  • Have your assistant to crank the engine in order to check the spark.
  • Refer to the wiring diagram to find out whether the coil is power controlled or ground side controlled. In case it is ground side controlled, attach the test light clip to the power side of battery and make certain that the test light is touching the negative side of the coil.
  • Have your assistant crank the engine while you check if the test light turns on.
  • Discard the negative battery cable from the terminal.
  • Discard all the electrical connectors to the coil.
  • Take the coil wire off from the cap and eventually take the ignition coil out.
  • Replace the old coil with new one and reconnect all the components which you removed earlier.
  • Turn the vehicle on and observe the operations of the new ignition coil.

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