TechArt Collectors Model Cars

Well a big number of fans who show interest in the TechArt GTstreet models are based on teenagers. The reason is quite obvious he who can’t afford the real thing turn these heavily tuned car models. All the credit goes to German tuning company who has brought such car models.

The GTstreet R and GTstreet RS 1:43 models from TechArt Collectors are based on Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 GT2. Although, these are just models but still gives you a bit of dealing with top-notch lifestyle. These models are quite reasonably priced at £59.90. These models are not only popular among the kids but also for model car collectors as well.

An interesting fact about these models is that these are also prepared in limited number, i.e. 300 units like real cars. Like real cars, these are also featured in the same way with California orange and black paint job. Other things involve an acrylic display case, base plate with limitation badge, serial number and all this stuffed in black gift box.

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