Need For Speed “The Run” Teaser [Video]

Well! These racing simulators games have become so boring for majority of the people. In early days, these games earned a lot of reputation among the masses as these games gave them the opportunity to feel as if they are in fact dealing with high notch sports cars. But now it sounds as if you don’t have any experience to ride a real sports car or don’t have top-notch equipments you really not going to enjoy these games. Electronic Arts has always been involved in bringing great fun to the gamers. According to Electronic Arts, they are bringing a new Need For Speed ‘The Run’ that is in fact a race from San Francisco to New York. There are no speed limits, no rules and even no allies. This game will have a lot of good cars and nonetheless an aggressive police chase as well.

[youtube vR693MTwzq8]

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Vorsteiner V-PT Porsche Panamera

At last we have an aftermarket kit for the Porsche Panamera that is in fact really impressive. This new kit certainly holds the splendor of Vorsteiner V-PT Panamera.

What is obvious is the carbon fiber aerodynamics in the car together with add-on parts for front and rear bumper. Unlike other tuners who always involved in bringing some mega modifications and extreme body kits, Vorsteiner has managed to achieve this with minimum of alterations. What they introduced is a front spoiler lip, side skirts and a big rear diffuser and air vents in the rear bumper together with a Ducktail rear spoiler. Some mesh grilles are introduced for air dams.

Apart from these, a set of deep concave wheels finished in matte grey is offered and also a sport exhaust system that is 40 percent lighter than the production unit.

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Toyota FT-86 Technical Specs Revealed

Although, Toyota has not yet fully revealed the specs of its new FT-86, yet they confirmed that the new production version of the FT-86 Concept will be powered by a 2.0-L Subaru boxer engine along with Toyota’s injection system, a six-speed manual or automatic transmission with paddle shifters and a limited slip differential. This is only information that has unleashed by Toyota about FT-86 Concept yet. Well, this information is more than enough to realize that the vehicle will certainly be a good one with compact size and will come with a front-engine-rear-wheel-drive setup. We will update you as soon as Toyota reveals some more information.

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2011MY Alfa Romeo MiTo UK Price

Alfa Romeo recently altered its UK range if MiTo hatchback. Few of the trim levels are dropped and some new super eco-engine are introduced which are far better in congestion charge and road tax.

Instead of 17 versions, the car is now available in 9 versions. In these nine versions, three new engines are introduced: a 1.4 8v 78bhp (available in Progression and Sprint, replacing the 1.4 16v 95bhp unit) with Start/Stop as standard; 1.4 MultiAir 105bhp (available with Sprint or Distinctive trims); and the new congestion charge/tax busting 1.3 JTDM-2 (Sprint only, replacing the 1.3 16v 95bhp unit).

These engines generate an impressive 85 bhp and 95 g/km of CO2 is emitted. According to the UK regulations, each car that makes less than 100 g/km of CO2 is given exemption from congestion charge and taxes.

Following are given new trim levels and pricing:

Basic Price VAT Total Price OTR Charges Total OTR
1.4 8v 78 bhp Progression £9,703.72 £1,940.74 £11,644.47 £805.53 £12,250.00
1.4 8v bhp Sprint £10,287.06 £2,057.41 £12,344.47 £805.53 £12,950.00
1.4 TB MultiAir 105 bhp Sprint £11,028.72 £2,205.74 £13,234.47 £720.53 £13,955.00
1.4 TB MultiAir 105 bhp Distinctive £12,028.72 £2,405.74 £14,434,47 £720.53 £15,155.00
1.4 TB MultiAir 135 bhp Distinctive £12,787.06 £2,557.41 £15,344.47 £805.53 £15,950.00
1.4 TB MultiAir 135 bhp ALFA TCT Distinctive £13,870.39 £2,774.08 £16,644.47 £805.53 £17,250.00
1.4 TB MultiAir 170 bhp Quadrifoglio Verde £14,362.06 £2,872.41 £17,234.47 £720.53 £17,955.00
1.3 JDTM-2 85 bhp Sprint £11,537.06 £2,507.41 £13,844.47 £805.53 £14,450.00
1.6 JTDM-2 120 bhp Distinctive £13,370.39 £2,674.08 £16,044.47 £805.53 £16,850.00
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Audi R8 RMS Spyder by RENM

RENM has brought some performance package for the Audi R8 RMS Spyder. Certainly, it is good news for those who are not happy with the current performance of their Audi R8 Spyder.

They brought some tweaks into the vehicle’s 5.2-L V10 engine along with some modifications in ECU program. They have also introduced a high performance air intakes and exhausts that boost the vehicles power up to 60 PS and torque of 580Nm.

Other features include a carbon fiver body kit comprising of revised front grille, brake cooling chambers, front splitter, redesigned front and rear side grilles as well as rear diffuser for attaining sportier looks and aero dynamics. They have also introduced 20-inch wheels with Sportcup tires that give better handling on the road. RENM also uses race hydraulic height-adjustable suspension and a central exhaust similar to Bugatti Veyron.

In the interior, new light-weight race seats are introduced which are upholstered in grey leather and red piping with R8 Spyder inscription together with carbon fiber trimming and red accents.

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More Details on Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3 Stradale

Finally, we have some official details of the Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale from Zagato, an Italian couchbuilder company. TZ3 Stradale is a production version of the one-off TZ3 Corsa.

TZ3 Corsa appeared on the scene when Alfa Romeo was celebrating its 100th anniversary. This TZ3 Corsa has now paved the path for the TZ3 Stradale of which only 10 units go in production. Out those 10, three have already been sold. Eric King is the first American who bought this car.

Another confirmation that came from Zagato is that the TZ3 Stradale is based on the Dodge Viper ACR chassis and Alfa 8C. The car will come in carbon fiber body and uses American power. Zagato in order to avoid confusion explains the difference between the Corsa and Sradale in this way:

The TZ3 Corsa is a track car. It is not a design exercise. It is a Neo-Classic car – The TZ3 Stradale is a Design Exercise. It is not a race car. It is an Avant-garde car – The TZ3 Corsa is a tribute to the Alfa Romeo and Zagato racing heritage. It is a one off – The TZ3 Stradale is a tribute to the Alfa Romeo and Zagato street legal heritage. Just 9 examples in the world.

Zagato has not yet revealed any details about the performance and pricing of the vehicle.

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GM Announced 2012 Corvette Upgrades

Today General Motors unleashed some of the upgrades for the 2012 MY Chevy Corvette. The performance package includes tweaks for both Z06 and ZR1 models while General Motors revealed the interior upgrades for the entire lineup.

The 2012 Corvette will also obtain some modified looks as well. However, we are not given the details of what GM is going to change in the looks of 2012 Corvette. GM would reveal the car in special event held this weekend at the National Corvette Museum.

The technical upgrades announced by GM for the classy, elegant and high performance Z06 and ZR1 include the new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires, optimized for warm, dry conditions to increase cornering and handling capability. These tires come with Performance Traction Management (PTM) technology which is capable of managing torque delivery for extreme performance and also these tires provide better handling of the car.

Some of the other upgrades are: a full-width racing-style spoiler, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes for Z07 chassis package, Magnetic Selective Ride Control for Z06. Other than that a carbon fiber hood will be optional for Z06 models. The ZR1 will include a standard manual transmission along with taller gearing for 5th and 6th gears with a 2-mpg improvement in highway fuel economy.

The interior of 2012 Corvette will get a new seating design as well as new steering wheel. Seat backs have a larger bolsters and cushion areas for improved comfort. Besides this, GM offers an optional Microfiber suede seat inserts. GM will also offer a new Bose uplevel audio system along with nine speakers.

General Motors also includes a new Technology Package in the upgrades that will improve the Corvette’s infotainment system. This Technology Package features a new navigation radio, head-up display, Bose premium audio system, a USB port and Bluetooth wireless phone connectivity. Brake calipers will be offered in several different colors including gray, red, silver and yellow.

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Ferrari Explains How To Operate 458′s Controls! [Video]

This video is perhaps the Ferrari response to admit that the new super multi-functional steering wheel is slightly confusing. Ferrari in this super multi-functional steering wheel has put as many buttons and knobs as they could with a view to increase assistance for the drivers such as controls for the car’s traction control, suspension, starter button, indicators, lights, and wipers. What make them so confusing are their constantly changing positions because of turning the wheels. This video is an attempt from Ferrari to assist the owners of the 458 Italia to learn how to operate the controls while driving. Watch the video carefully.

[youtube lhEN6E2CCA8]

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2012 BMW M5 Test Drive on Ice [Video]

BMW has just released its 2012 BMW M5 Concept at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. EVO has now unveiled a teaser for Chris Harris take on the car on icy roads. This teaser video will now help you observe the car in a much better way. The video will give you a good view of the car’s sideways actions. This test drive is performed on icy roads with a car powered by V8 biturbo engine. This test drive on icy road by Chris Harris is really a cool way to examine the vehicle’s performance.

[youtube Y-_xVGuxNEY]

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Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 Promo Video

We have already seen the pictures of the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0. Porsche revealed the details about this new vehicle earlier and now they have revealed the official video of this classy, elegant sports car. What worth noting are the terms used by Porsche to describe their new model including precision and discipline. The GT3 RS 4.0 is capable of generating an impressive 500 HP and weighs around 1360 kilograms. Certainly, this car is made like those who love to ride cars with blistering performance as we have seen the past with GT2 RS.

[youtube RXHNJGf3A5k]

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