How to Install a Carpet Kit

Below guide will teach you How to Install a Carpet Kit . Please follow the instructions carefully.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Carpet Kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket and Ratchet Set
  • Trim Panel Removal Tool
  • Flat Head Screwdriver

Estimated Costs:

  • DIY Costs: Est. $46.77 parts only
  • Shop Costs: Est. $197.48 parts and labor

Image may not be specific to your car


  • Examine the carpet for any dent.
  • Before working on vehicle separate the negative battery and stay 10-15 minutes.
  • Take away the floor mats and eradicates the seats from automobile by unfastens the four bolts which are located at the every bend below the seats. A few cars use studs that depart throughout the floor and are positioned beneath the vehicle with constrict nut. The seats would come out as soon as take away the nuts below the car.
  • Take out the seat buckle escalating bolts and eliminate the seat belts. A synthetic cover must be removed to contacts the bolts in some of the vehicles.
  • Middle console is eliminating in case if it is prepared. Screws placed on each side must be removing and verify the inner console to make sure that there are bolts or screws.
  • Vigilantly remove the front kick panel after eradicating the mounting screws to them.
  • The door sell plates must be removed which hold the corner of the carpet in place. Other apparatus such as electrical wires, fuse panel wrap, or communication shifter knob are also removed.
  • Confiscate the carpet from car in such manner that carpet pulled in the one corner and function the region of the ends until the whole carpet is eliminate.
  • Eliminate and clear the waste under the old carpet and make sure that any parts are attached which grab the fresh carpet.
  • The fresh carpet fit in the car by placing it over the old one to measure the size. Precut new gaps in case of need.
  • Cut the holes for the seatbelts and also for seats in case are they are not already cut after laying it in the car. Scratch an x shape where the bolts need to go which will permit the bolts to go right through and it can be enclosed.
  • 3-M bonding agent can be use to assist in holding the carpet along corners.
  • The sill trim panels and all internal trim panels are put in and make tighten.
  • Renters the seats and middle console if ready. Torque the seat bolts to producer terms. Ensure the completed activity and make sure that all corners are comfortable and all bolts are tightened.
  • In the end, reinstall the floor mats and rejoined the battery.

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