Volvo C30 Black Design For Italy

Britain is known for admiring almost all the special editions of the hatchbacks; however, Volvo announced the same for Italy this time.

It is important to note here that hatchbacks are very popular in Italy and all the major manufacturers are already making hatchbacks that suit the market demands in Italy. So, it is test for Volvo here to bring something that is essentially good for the customers in Italy. Perhaps, C30 black design from Volvo is the best option to bring here.

Volvo limited the production of C30 Black Design to 600 units. This vehicle is available in two-tone color. The black bits found on the surface are more like carbon-look film and are prominent on roof, pillars, side mirrors, and around the grille. The vehicle is supported on 17-inch matt-black alloy wheels.

There are three exterior colors for C30 Black Design including orange, grey and white. It will be offered in three types of engines as well where two are diesel engines, 113 and 148 HP and one petrol engine capable of generating 143 HP. The company has not yet disclosed the price of this vehicle.

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