How to Replace a Valve Cover Gasket

Below guide will teach you How to Replace a Valve Cover Gasket . Please follow the instructions carefully.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Combination Wrench Set
  • Mallet Hammer
  • Scraper
  • Socket and Ratchet Set
  • Valve Cover Gasket

Estimated Costs:

  • DIY Costs: Est. $27.29 parts only
  • Shop Costs: Est. $232.74 parts and labor


  • Prop the engine hood up.
  • Look for the engine valve cover and examine it carefully for leakage signs.
  • If there is leak, you need to replace the valve cover gasket.
  • Take 3/8 ratchet and socket and take the valve cover bolts away.
  • Take the valve covers (V-style engine) away. You may have to pry the cover off with the help of screwdriver.
  • Take the valve cover gasket off from the mounting surface. Also, wipe off the surface properly so that any debris or gasket material removed from the surface.
  • Take a brake cleaner and clean the valve covers.
  • Take a new valve cover gasket and position it on the valve cover. Apply a layer of adhesive sealant as well so that it sits properly on the cover.
  • Position the valve cover in its place and secure it with mounting bolts.
  • When done, examine the oil level and if it is below the required mark add more oil to engine reservoir.
  • Turn the engine on. Examine the valve cover gasket and its surrounding areas to see if there is any seepage of oil or not. No signs of oil verify the installation.

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