Anderson Germany Customized Aston Martin DBS Superior Black

Many of you may think that Aston Martin DBS is in itself a perfect vehicle then how come one customizes it to make it even better. Customization is not a limited phenomenon as it involves a number of different approaches. One such approach is adopted by Anderson Germany that is playing with the colors of the Aston Martin DBS.

Keeping in view the design of the Aston Martin, they planned to remove the body kits and related material so as to cover the vehicle in plain matte black foil. To make this threatening matter black exterior even menacing, they used the red brake calipers within the 21-inch five spoke gloss black wheels.

Anderson Germany definitely brought some life from Aston Martin which people already thought full of life. Well, if you are not in favor of boasting then you may not like the work of Anderson Germany as they made vehicle look little gaudy.

As far as interior is concerned, they have done much better as they introduced more carbon fiber bits. They didn’t even spare the steering wheel to put some carbon fiber there. Interior is filled with Acantara with red stitched high class leather. Other than that Anderson Germany also made some minor changes to the vehicle’s V12 engine by introducing some new exhaust, getting impressive 560 HP out of it.

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