H&R Offers Suspension Kit for 2011 Mercedes SLK

Whenever it comes to professional suspension kit, the only name comes in our minds is that of H&K which is known to provide professional suspension kits for new models in particular.

It is obvious with the release of every new model that H&K will provide you with a professional suspension kit for it that not only enhances the looks but also the handling of the car. H&K recently released a professional suspension kit for 2011 Mercedes SLK that is entirely compatible with the vehicle’s standard adaptive suspension system. This suspension package by H&K will lower the vehicle by 25 mm. H&K offers this kit at £273 along with the bespoke wheel spacers.

However, what we think that the 2011 Mercedes SLK is not as impressive as in case of earlier models from Mercedes, so the new suspension kit may not really make any difference. This is our personal viewpoint and your opinions may differ with ours.

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