How to Repair a Defroster Grid

Below guide will teach you How to Repair a Defroster Grid . Please follow the instructions carefully.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Multimeter
  • Defroster Grid Repair Kit

Estimated Costs:

  • DIY Costs: Est. $0.00 parts only
  • Shop Costs: Est. $63.24 parts and labor

Image may not be specific to your car


  • You can find the rear defroster grid in the rear window.
  • Switch the rear defroster off.
  • Earth the negative cable connector with a digital multi meter (DMM).
  • Remove the rear defroster electrical connectors.
  • You need to have a repair kit and conductive coating to carry out the repair work.
  • After applying the coating you have to wait for some time.
  • Reattach the electrical connectors.
  • Check the repaired defroster grid for proper working.

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