How to Replace a Transfer Case Front Output Seal

Below guide will teach you How to Replace a Transfer Case Front Output Seal . Please follow the instructions carefully.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Combination Wrench Set
  • Seal Driver
  • Socket and Ratchet Set
  • Standard Hammer
  • Punch Set
  • 3/8 in. Drive Ratchet
  • Sealant
  • Transfer Case Seal
  • Thread locking compound
  • White out

Estimated Costs:

  • DIY Costs: Est. $24.06 parts only
  • Shop Costs: Est. $502.69 parts and labor

Image may not be specific to your car


  • Park the car on a flat surface and apply the parking brake.
  • Take floor jack and raise the front of the vehicle. Chock the rear wheels.
  • As a safety measure, prop the vehicle up on the jack stands so that you can work easily under the vehicle.
  • Search for the transfer case front output seal. You can take help from owner’s manual as well for locating its position.
  • Before removing the driveshaft, draw a mark on the driveshaft as well as on the yoke so that you can align the driveshaft properly during reinstallation. Take the driveshaft out from the yoke and away from the transfer case.
  • Unbolt the nut and washer holding the yoke with transfer case. Take it out from the transfer case.
  • Remove the seal from the transfer case. You may require tapping the seal with hammer.
  • Wipe off the transfer case bore with a brake spray cleaner.
  • Apply a coat of ATF on the inner side of the new seal and a coat of sealant on the outer side.
  • With the help of seal driver and hammer, fix the new seal into the transfer case bore.
  • Reinstall the yoke assembly back into the transfer case. Secure the output shaft with thread lock.
  • Now is the time to reinstall the driveshaft onto the yoke assembly. Use the marks you have drawn earlier for reference purposes to align the shaft and yoke properly.
  • Remove the vehicle from jack stands and also remove the floor jack. Make sure that the new transfer case front output seal is properly installed.

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