2012 Audi Q3 to Make Debut in Shanghai

We have got now the officially released images of the new Q3 that is a compact SUV. The reports from company suggest that this new 2010 Audi Q3 will make its official debut at the forthcoming 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. According to Audi, the Q3 is a reply to the BMW X1 and Range Rover Evoque.

If we talk about BMW X1, the Audi reply is pretty much acceptable, but if we take Range Rover Evoque it looks slightly tall for the tiny Audi’s Q3. However, Audi can compare its Q3 with Evoque unless Q3 has the same price tag of 30,000 Euro and powered with two 2.0-L diesel engines with either 140 or 170 HP and also two TFSI petrol units with 160 and 210 HP respectively.

Seeing the statistics for Range Rover Evoque, the Evoque certainly outclass the Q3. Coming back to Q3, it will come in both two and four-wheel drive and also equipped with fuel saving technologies such as auto start/stop. The Q3 is under its manufacturing process in Spain by SEAT and will go on sale within a year or two.

If you are really keen to see Audi’s production, you need to present in the upcoming 2011 Shanghai Auto Show.

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