Opel Meriva Design Edition Revealed

We already know about the Opel’s cool and stylish minivan, The Meriva. It has further become modish and sophisticated with the new Design Edition. Design Edition has come with little tweaks made by the designer on the exterior as well as some standard supplies.

Designer of this vehicle being inspired by the Corsa Color Edition adds high gloss black roof, tinted headlamps with AFL adaptive lighting, deep tinted and thermally insulated rear windows, fog lamps, and 18-inch bi-color alloy wheels.

This vehicle is available in five different colors from which you can choose the one for your liking. The colors are Star Silver, Casablanca White, Technical Grey, the brand new warm Henna and Magma Red.

The standard supplies aforesaid that are used in the vehicle include air conditioning, CD radio, on-board computer, electric power windows, cruise control, the innovative FelxRail center console, and electrically adjustable rear-view mirrors.

The company has put a price tag of Euro 19,570 on this stylish car.

The new Opel Meriva is enjoying great popularity. Just one year after the start of production, 120,000 new Merivas are already on roads, making Opel’s small monocab the clear top seller in its segment. More than 30% of the small monocabs sold in are currently Merivas – twice as many as its nearest competitor.

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