Honda CR-Z Hybrid, Now Racer

Honda Performance Development (HPD) has announced Honda CR-Z Hybrid Racer which will be displayed at this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours.

The CR-Z Racer has a total output of 200 horsepower and 237 horsepower which is not enough for a sports car. The standard cars are now coming with that much power. CR-Z Hybrid Coupe will also be driven by famous drivers on the track before the actual race starts.

In Europe, the CR-Z Racer is used as a pace car as part of Speed EuroSeries. Technical specifications of CR-Z Racer hybrid are given below:

  • Production year: 2010
  • Configuration: Combination IMA hybrid
  • (Electric motor between the internal combustion engine and gearbox)
  • Li-ion battery 7 kWh/173 volts
  • Architecture: 4 cylinders in line, mounted transversely in front, FWD
  • Displacement: 1,497 cm3
  • Type: SOHC, 4 valves / cylinder; fuel Injection and turbocharger
  • Transmission: 6 speed manual
  • Power: 200 hp
  • Max torque: 237 Nm
  • Specific Power: 133 hp / litre

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