2012 Audi Q3 Promo Video

We have finally got the first official promo clip from the Audi for its 2012 Audi Q3. Many of the Audi’s fans have been waiting for this video clip for a long time and perhaps got annoyed on seeing the original report without the inclusion of video. Well, it is never too later and now we have the clip before us. On seeing the video, you will realize that this car is more stunning and luxurious than its competitor Korean and Japanese models. We think that you don’t remain without admiring this car more than BMW X1. Look wise, Audi has done a remarkable job with its 2012 AUDI Q3.

Have a look at the video and decide yourself

[youtube KMoTj3iKBRk]

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Viper SRT10 ACR Sets Record At Miller Motorsports Park

At one side, Dodge has just started the testing for its 2013 next generation Dodge Viper, while on the other, the earlier models are showing their class by setting new lap record at Miller Motorsports Park.

Yes, you rightly read the above statement. The street legal 2010 Dodge Viper ACR set a lap record of 1:59.995 on Monday at the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, breaking the previous best of 2:03.86 that was set by Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. It happens for the first time that a production car succeeds to lap the track of 3.048 mile.

“It’s amazing to come to this world-class track and shatter the production car lap record by almost 4 seconds,” said Bryan Viger, Head of Dodge Motorsports. “We brought our street-legal Viper ACR to see what Kuno could do behind the wheel, and on his second lap he’d already gone faster than the single lap record.”

A veteran behind the wheel of the Viper on and off the track, Wittmer continues to be impressed by the performance of the Dodge Viper ACR. “Wow, what an awesome supercar!” the Montreal native said after exiting the car. “The Viper ACR is such a blast to drive at the limit, and I can honestly say that I didn’t leave an inch out there on the track and was barely braking in the corners.”

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2011 MG6 Goes into Production, Priced at £15,495

MG Cars is British’s renowned former sports car manufacturer company which is known for its two-seat open sports car. But now the MG has brought something new out of its Birmingham pant in the form of a first customer car. They called it as a new era for MG.

MG held a small ceremony to celebrate the first customer car at the assembly line in the Car Assembly Building at the manufacturing plant at MG Birmingham where some loyal MG fans were also present. It is not a sort of mega event; it was just get together of the people at car makers and the fans. MG has nothing much to say about this event except, “The car was driven off the line by Lisa Ponter, currently the only woman working on the production line.”

If we have a closer look at the car, it is a fastback four-door car designed and engineered in United Kingdom. An attempt has been made to combine the traditional MG styling with the modern contemporary design. The car will be available in three trim models powered by 1.8-L turbocharged petrol MG6 engine with a price range of £15,495 to £18,995 for the top-of-the-range highly-equipped TSE model.

According to MG, the car has low insurance levels as the entry model MG6 S is rated 13E whereas both SE and TSE rated 14E. We wish MG the good luck in their efforts of revival and also hope that it will bring back its sporty models as well.

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Aston Martin Arrives in Indian Market

After the successful release of Maserati in India, Aston Martin becomes the second European luxury car maker that officially enters the Indian market with an opening its first dealership in Mumbai.

Aston Martin opens its first dealership in Mumbai in collaboration with Performance Cars, a division of Infinity Cars Pvt. Ltd., having a good reputation in the Indian luxury car market for a long time. As far as location of the dealership is concerned, it is situated at Kemp’s Corner in Mumbai at the junction of the ultra premium Peddar and Altamount Roads. The aim of Aston Martin is to provide its customers a premium boutique environment.

Aston Martin offers a wide range of models in India such as V8 Vantage Coupe and Roadster, V12 Vantage, DB9 Coupe and Volante, DBS Coupe and Volante and the four-door sports car; Rapide for its customers and enthusiasts. Both customers and enthusiasts will be able to view and test-drive the models that appeal them. Besides the aforementioned models, Aston Martin aims to include its lately released models, V8 Vantage S and the new Virage as well in the offered lineup.

The conditions in India are pretty much like those of China where a lot of millionaires reside and ready to spend on these luxury cars.

Aston Martin’s number of dealers in the global market rises to 134 dealers in 42 countries with the opening of its dealership in Mumbai. Before coming to Indian market, Aston Martin already established its dealers in into Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Taiwan and Turkey and it is still looking for new destination for its cars.

Aston Martin’s Chief Commercial Officer, Michael van der Sande said, “India represents a new opportunity for us and as part of our program of growing the reach of the global Aston Martin dealership network; this expansion brings our brand to a different audience in a new market.

“Our decision to bring the Aston Martin brand to India is driven by a strong level of interest and enthusiasm from potential customers in an emerging luxury market. We have taken our time to find the right advocates for Aston Martin and I am confident that we have selected strong partners with whom we look forward to starting a successful relationship.”

Performance Cars, Managing Director, Mr. Lalit Choudary added, “Partnering Aston Martin offers us an unique opportunity to bring one of the world’s iconic brands to one of the most discerning and fast growing markets. We are confident about the brand’s success in India given the range of models, the comfortable ride quality the cars offer on our roads and the exclusivity they accord.”

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Volvo Concept Universe Teaser Video

Recently, Volvo has released an official teaser video of its new model called Volvo Concept Universe. Although, the video released doesn’t give much of hint of the Concept Universe, but it looks as if the concept is based on forthcoming S90 flagship sedan.

According to Volvo, the car is soon to hit the market. So, this video is nothing as much than to have a hint of how it looks like indeed. However, from a video it looks that this would be a coupe-like four-door sedan. If we are taking it correctly then this would be a great effort from Volvo to compete in the automotive market with some of the popular German brands such as Mercedes CLS and Audi A7. The Universe is also capable of competing with the luxury saloons as well, but the company said that they have no plans of making luxury vehicles.

Have a look at the video

[youtube LdTA4zCRrkw]

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Gemballa TORNADO Cayenne and MISTRALE Panamera

Gemballa unveiled its two newest models at the ongoing 2011 Top Marques Monaco Show which is known for the exhibition of most exclusive and impressive hyper cars.

The two offerings from Gemballa are 2011 Cayenne Tornado and the Panamera Mistrale. The exclusive work has been done on both the models and it seems as if the Gemballa has rebuilt from scrape. Apparently, it looks as if the team at Gemballa has left no stone unturned in modifying both the cars.

In order to keep the class of both the cars intact, Gemballa only produced 30 units of each car and that too in the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the brand.

Carbon fiber is used to make majority of the body parts, hence reducing the weight of each car as well as sturdy too. Apart from designs and styling, they have done some great engineering work as well.

We have significantly reduced weight, but without compromising strength, safety or comfort,” explained Andreas Schwarz, CEO of GEMBALLA GmbH. “Rather than cutting into the steel panels and bonding on new parts, as is common in the aftermarket industry, we completely replace entire panels with bespoke carbon-fibre ones that use the original mounting points,” he said. “These new panels, which include the bonnet, front wings, doors, front and rear bumper/valance, save a total of 70kg.

Gemballa used its latest set of 22-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels in both vehicles. Like the smaller OEM set, these wheels weigh the same but are more stiff, sturdy and reliable. Besides wheels, an improved braking system is introduced along with Brembo, solely for both the Mistrale and Tornado. Both the cars also get substantial 411 mm cross-drilled, vented discs along with six-piston monoblock calipers at the front mated to 380 mm cross-drilled, vented discs with four-piston fixed calipers at the rear.

If we talk about the power side, both the vehicles get an upgraded power package. There is a Stage I package that is for novice and Stage II package that is for Ace drivers. Stage I will deliver 580 HP for the Cayenne Tornado and 610 HP for the Panamera Mistrale and both will get twin-turbo V8 engine. One the other hand, Stage II will deliver an impressive 700 HP and torque of 1000 Nm for both the cars. Stage II cars will get larger turbochargers, a modified intake system, high efficiency intercoolers, sports exhaust, and free-flow catalystic converters and bespoke ECU remapping.

As far as interior is concerned, it also gets a good adapted treatment keeping in view the customer’s specifications. Finest of leather and Alcantara are used for the color-cordinated upholstery. All in all, both the cars are perfect example of Gemballa design works and both have its own characteristic features that make them distinct from one another.

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Toyota Aygo Ice

Toyota has always been known for its innovative models and time to time announce new models. One such model is its Aygo Ice that Toyota is going to add in the Aygo lineup for United Kingdom. The starting price set for this car from Toyota is £9,750 which is quite reasonable for this car.

Although, Aygo Ice is based on the Aygo+, it costs more about £655 of those. Some of the basic features include air conditioning, a leather-trimmed steering wheel and gear knob, leather and Alcantara seat trims that come as standard, a six-speaker audio system, color- matched door mirrors and electric windows.

The Aygo Ice comes in three metallic exterior finishes including Dark Forest, Vermillion Red and Crystal Silver. Side mouldings have been introduced to provide more protection. This car comes in both three and five-door versions. As far as engine is concerned, it gets the 1.0-L VVT-i petrol powertrain along with selectable manual or Multimode transmissions. On combined cycles, this car provides 61.4 mpg. The engine gets a Band B road tax (VED) classification and a 3E rating in insurance group. All these factors play a role to make it a valuable asset for owners.

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Scion FR-S Teased For New York Debut

Just before a week of its debut at 2011 New York International Auto Show, Toyota has disclosed a teased video of Scion FR-S (the Toyota FT-86 for America). As far as the looks of the Scion FR-S appears pretty much like FT-86, but we can expect some changes under the hood as far as powertrain is concerned. We have to wait another week to find out what Scio FR-S brings for us at Auto Show.

Video seems rather pointless, but still have a look at it.

[youtube wsitn16R2wE]

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First Pictures of 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Revealed

Just week before the official debut, we have been able to get some leaked pictures of an amazing as well as stunning 2013 Chevrolet Malibu. Apparently, it seems that the company has mistakenly revealed the uncovered pictures of their new model.

What we observe from the picture is that it is purely a masterpiece from Chevrolet. It has got some modern looks, neat and sleek appearance and above all a hint of inspiration from the Camaro that is obvious in the form of rear-end. All these features make this 2013 Chevrolet Malibu a perfect mid-size sedan. As for any car, this car has also got some features from its previous models, though, current form of the car is far more better than the previous Malibu models in terms of character and personality as well.

Apart from this, Chevrolet also revealed a teaser shot of the Malibu’s MyLink infotainment system that announces the vehicle’s high-tech online HD launching ceremony on April, 19.

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Peugeot SXC Concept Revealed

Peugeot has announced the lineup that is aiming to bring at 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. Among the lineup, there is a stunning new crossover concept car named SXC.

Peugeot Style Studios of the China Tech Center, Shanghai are accountable for the design and production of SXC Concept. Most importantly, team has got the design inspiration from the French cars such as the SR1 Roadster and the EX1 two-seater.

This city crossover is 4.870 m in length, 1.610 m in height and 2.035 m in width. Though, its design gives you a feel of SUV, it is as convenient as a sedan. The car features floating grille, feline headlamps, a luminous LED ‘signature’ recognizable in both day and night, ‘boomerang’ shaped taillights, 22-inch wheels, reverse-hinged doors, and a two-part panoramic roof.

Apparently, SXC Concept is a Hybrid car which gets a Peugeot’s Hybrid4 technology along with an internal combustion engine at the front that spins the front wheels and an electric motor at the rear that spins the rear wheels. The benefit of this technology is that you can operate on all the wheels when both engine and electric motor are functional that really become handy in severe road conditions. This technology also offers zero emission even while driving on low speeds.

The system is powered by a 1.6-L THP petrol engine capable of delivering 218 bhp mated to a 95 bhp electric motor and both together delivers 313 bhp. It returns 48.7 mpg and 143g/km of CO2 emission.

We are little skeptical here whether this SXC Concept will go on production or not as many of the concept models from Peugeot never went for production.

Peugeot at 2011 Auto Shanghai:

Peugeot plans to launch at least one new model per year in China in the coming years, reinforcing its presence in the world’s largest car market. At the Auto Shanghai 2011, Peugeot is launching the Peugeot 508 onto the Chinese market and showcasing a new cutting edge concept car, 100% designed in China – the SXC.

The Peugeot 508 which goes on sale in the UK later this month, just a month and a half after the launch in mainland Europe, is already being hailed as a success with orders exceeding sales objectives by 20%. Now the Peugeot 508, which has also been developed for the Chinese market, will be receiving its public launch at the Auto Shanghai 2011.

The Peugeot 508 joins a host of other new Peugeot models that have recently been launched onto the Chinese market. Peugeot 207 (hatchback and sedan), 207 CC, 308 CC, 308 SW, 408, 3008, and very soon the Peugeot RCZ.

Peugeot’s sales objective in China for 2011 is to sell 200,000 vehicles.

Also in China next week, Peugeot will unveil a concept car which has been totally designed and developed by Peugeot’s Chinese Tech Centre in Shanghai.

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