2012 Chevrolet Camaro 45th Anniversary Edition

Chevrolet is approaching its 45th anniversary and to make this anniversary memorable, Chevrolet is launching Chevrolet Camaro as 45th Anniversary Edition. Recently, Chevrolet has provided us with some previews of this Anniversary Edition model. The good thing about this model is that it is coming with a new KFX V6 engine.

Keeping the tradition alive, Chevrolet designs this vehicle with entirely new additions, especially from the forthcoming Standard Camaro. This 45th Anniversary Edition will get some additional tweak both on exterior and interior.

The 2012 Chevrolet Camaro 45th Anniversary Edition will also have FE4 performance suspension package for coupes along with variety of interior and technological enhancements like a revised instrument panel design, rear camera system and a new steering wheel.

The package includes:

  • Unique 45th Anniversary hood and deck stripes; badges located beneath the front fender emblems
  • New-design 20-inch wheels in dark silver
  • Fog lamp and taillamp bezels finished in dark silver
  • RS-style taillamp lenses
  • Standard rear spoiler and HID headlamps
  • Body-color roof molding
  • Jet Black interior with leather-trimmed seats featuring the 45th Anniversary logo
  • White instrument panel and door trim inserts with the 45th Anniversary logo on the instrument panel
  • Red, white and blue stitching on the seats, steering wheel, shift knob/boot, door armrests and console lid
  • 45th Anniversary logo on the steering wheel and sill plates.
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Subaru Adds Legacy ES Nav to UK Lineup

For its UK range, Subaru introduces another new model of the Legacy, ES Nav. You might have got the idea from its name that this model comes standard with a satellite navigation system.

Some of the prominent features in ES Nav are touch screen control, CD/DVD playback, incorporated Bluetooth hands-free connectivity and steering wheel mounted controls. Besides these, certain standard features are automatic headlights, automatic windscreen wipers, remote control central locking, one-touch fold down rear seats, dual-zone climate control, immobilizer, a Thatcham category 1 alarm, electrically adjusted driver’s seat and alloy wheels.

The ES Nav gets a 150PS and 196Nm of torque engine. It comes in both manual and CVT transmission. Like all other Subaru’s models, this vehicle is also a typical four-wheel drive.

With six-speed manual transmission, this car sprints from 0-62 mph in just 9.8 seconds with a top speed of 120 mph. On a combined cycle, it has a fuel consumption of 32.8 mpg and generates 199g/km of CO2. On the other hand, the CVT models sprints from 0-62 mph in 11.3 seconds with a top speed of 120 mph. it returns 34.9 mpg on combined cycle and produces 187g/km of CO2.

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Audi Officially Revealed 2012 Audi Q3

Recently, Audi officially revealed the images of the entire new Q3 crossover in its production lineup. It is a good example of a small SUV which can facilitate the people who are in need of a kind of SUV which is practical as well as efficient.

The looks of the Q3 give the hints of a typical Audi design and one can easily recognized the car as an extension of the A3. But still the vehicle stands on its own and in no way you can compare it with other models, to say Q5, though, it shares so many different features with it but still it is in itself a complete car. According to Audi, the car style is very much of coupe-like and this unique design enables it to heave coefficient of just 0.32.

As far as weight of the car is concerned, the base model has a weight less than 1,500 kilogram (3,307 lb). A blend of aluminum is used for the engine hood as well as for the tailgate. Similarly, for areas that require extreme strength such as passenger compartment, steel has been used.

The interior of the car is also one of typical Audi style. The interior is purely an example of human engineering with lot of space as it provides you as luggage space of 16.24 to 48.2 cubic feet. The other major features are MMI navigation, a hard drive navigation system, the Bose-surrounded sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, and above all WLAN hotspot that offer Internet Connectivity.

The car will be offered with three different four-cylinder engines including one TDI and two TFSI units. All the three will become as standard fitted along with direct-injection, turbocharging, energy recovery system and a start/stop system. The power outputs will range from 103kW or 140 HP to 155kW or 211 HP.

The standard version will come as 2.0 TDI along with 103 kW and will be front-wheel drive as well. However, the powerful models will be equipped with Quattro permanent four-wheel drive mated to seven-speed S tronic by default.

The 2012 Audi Q3 will go on world sale in June and the price set by the company for this vehicle is £29,900.

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2012 Cadillac SRX Powered by New 3.6 Liter Engine

If you can recall, the Cadillac dropped the Turbo version of the SRX in 2010 because of poor sale records. However, they are again out with Cadillac SRX and this time with new powertrain.

2012 Cadillac SRX will be powered by a 3.6-L direct-injected FlexFuel capable V-6 unit rated that can generate 300 HP or 224kW and torque of 260 lb-ft or 353Nm. Besides such an impressive horsepower and torque, the engine also offers a wide range of rpm to increase the torque that enables the driver to get more power at different speed ranges and driving conditions.

If we talk about the fuel economy of the vehicle, the current 3.0 liter unit gets 18 city mpg and 25 highway mpg at present, however, the engine is not yet rated by EPA. According to the Cadillac, the 2012 Cadillac SRX with its new powertrain will become the real competitor of the Lexus RX350 that can generate 275 HP. We can justify Cadillac in this statement as SRX will generate more HP and has sleek appearance as well.

Some of the other features that Cadillac introduced in 2012 SRX are standard Bluetooth phone connectivity on all the models, a heated steering wheel on the luxury, performance and premium trim levels and door lock switches on the driver as well as passenger door panels. Like previous models, the new models will also come with door lock switches on the center console system. The new 2012 SRX will come with entirely new machine-face finish and is supported on 20-inch wheels that will be standard on both performance and premium trim levels.

Apart from above mentioned features, the car will come with some unique features as well including moveable cargo fence, large under-floor storage space in the rear, a liftgate that can be propped at different points in term of height and an UltraView sunroof covering the 70 percent of the entire roof. The Cadillac SRX will also come with 4-wheel drive version along with an electronic limited slip rear differential.

The price of the car is yet not disclosed by the company. We can expect the pricing plan of the car prior to production phase.

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62 MPG Vauxhall Astra Released

Vauxhall unleashed its new model of the gorgeous new Astra that comes with Start/Stop system that gives an impressive 62 mpg with CO2 emission of 119g/km.

The performance and efficiency of the new Astra CDTi depends largely on the Start/Stop system for it enhances the fuel economy of the vehicle by more than 5 mpg or 13 percent on the combined cycle, from 57.6 mpg to 62.8 mpg. This start/stop system has also included some of the latest models of the Astra range such as the Sports Tourer that receives remarkable 4.7 mpg increase on the combined cycle, from 55.4 mpg to 60.1 mpg.

Apart from the start/stop system, these vehicles are also equipped with Vauxhall’s CleanTech Combustion Technology that results in clean combustions and also lessen the engine noise.

As far as pricing of the car is concerned it is pretty much affordable as you need to pay very small amount of tax for it. The 5-door Hatch will cost you £22,410 for the Sri model. The Sports Tourer will cost you £23,430. It is worth noting that you can order for the 2.0 CDTi Start/Stop system in the SE and Elite Trims (Hatch) and SE (Soprts Tourer).

For those are still not aware of how the start/stop system actually works, have a look at following lines:

Start/Stop – Vauxhall’s pain-free solution to lower-emissions motoring

Vauxhall’s automatic Start/Stop system reduces the engine’s time spent idling, and therefore the car’s overall emissions and fuel consumption, especially during town driving. The engine automatically stops when the driver engages neutral and releases the clutch pedal, sending it into ‘Autostop’ mode. When the vehicle needs to move away again, the driver simply presses the clutch to re-start the engine and engages first gear.

For safety reasons, and for passenger comfort, the temperature regulator and brake booster vacuum control remain active in Autostop mode. And if circumstances require – for example, in start-stop traffic – the driver can manually deactivate the system using the ‘eco’ labelled Start/Stop switch.

In order for Start/Stop to function, certain criteria have to be met. The engine needs to be up to full operating temperature, and the battery needs to be sufficiently charged. The outside temperature also needs to be above freezing and the Defrost function not activated.

Apart from these parameters, the Start/Stop system includes the following ancillaries:

  • A more robust starter motor
  • A high performance battery, which ensures maximum reliability of the electrical system and the engine’s capacity to start without delay
  • An intelligent battery control with sensor, providing reliability and consistent quality
  • An energy management system responsible for trouble-free re-starting of the engine.
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H&R Offers Suspension Kit for 2011 Mercedes SLK

Whenever it comes to professional suspension kit, the only name comes in our minds is that of H&K which is known to provide professional suspension kits for new models in particular.

It is obvious with the release of every new model that H&K will provide you with a professional suspension kit for it that not only enhances the looks but also the handling of the car. H&K recently released a professional suspension kit for 2011 Mercedes SLK that is entirely compatible with the vehicle’s standard adaptive suspension system. This suspension package by H&K will lower the vehicle by 25 mm. H&K offers this kit at £273 along with the bespoke wheel spacers.

However, what we think that the 2011 Mercedes SLK is not as impressive as in case of earlier models from Mercedes, so the new suspension kit may not really make any difference. This is our personal viewpoint and your opinions may differ with ours.

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2011 Mercedes CLS63 AMG by Wheelsandmore

Wheelsandmore is a German tuner who has recently released the pictures of their first package for the 2011 Mercedes CLS63 AMG.

The package from German tuner is not a sort of comprehensive one as the tuner has brought some minor changes. A set of 6Sporz 20-inch three-part forged wheels with black finish are introduced by the tuner that really compliments the white exterior of the vehicle. Also, tuner has introduced carbon fiber aero parts as well.

The vehicle is lowered by the introduction of custom KW suspension that only improves the handling of the car but also gives the vehicle a stunning side view. There is also an addition of new exhausts.

Certainly, the AMG package by German tuner is a powerful piece of machine that captures the attention of those who love powerful and strong road vehicles. The Wheelandmore package will give impressive 580 and 780 Nm of torque.

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ECO Start-Stop System Introduced in Mercedes S350 BlueTEC

As we all know that the fuel prices are quite high and it seems they will further creep up as the time progress. Hence, in these conditions even the luxury car buyers think twice before making up their minds. Anticipating the market conditions, Mercedes takes a sensible move by introducing the S350 BlueTEC that is supplied with a new ECO stop/start functionality.

Impressively, this diesel car is capable of producing 190kW (258 HP) and torque of 620 Nm. If we calculate the average of this car, we will come to know that it covers 100km per 6.2 liter with CO2 emission of 164g/km. BlueTEC with the help of AdBlue exhaust treatment and ECO start/stop function as standard enables the S-Class to fulfill emission regulations up to EU6 which is not compulsory till 2014.

For those who are not aware of how the Start/Stop system works here is a brief explanation. This system was first introduced by Mercedes-Benz wherein the switches turned the engine off when the vehicle comes to halt or standstill position such as on traffic signals. As soon as the driver raises his/her foot from the brake pedal, the engine turns on immediately. However, all the vehicles functions and comfort systems keep working while the engine is off at standstill position. Certainly, all credit goes to intelligent control system.

Even going green with luxury is not cheaper as this vehicle will cost you £76,517 where 19% VAT is included in the total cost.

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Audi R8 GT Spyder Teaser Sketches Revealed

Well more and more sketched from the Audi justify our point that Audi is now in the obsession of revealing sketches for its new models. Yet again they have revealed the sketches for the new GT version of the R8 Spyder. This vehicle will make its world debut at 2011 International Auto Show, Germany.

The forthcoming model of Spyder is similar to the R8 GT coupe which means that new R8 GT will also be lighter, powerful, and more track-focused version. The R8 GT Spyder will also be powered by 5.2-L V10 engine capable of generating 552 HP and torque of 398lb-ft. This new R8 GT Spyder will be faster than the current R8 Spyder as it weighs 95 kg less, however, it will be 6 mph slower than the Coupe GT. The drivetrain will also remain the same for new version, 6-speed R-tronic gearbox and Quattro system.

Apart from the performance, the R8 GT Spyder will certainly be a stunner as far as what sketches suggest. However, the majority of the race bits for this new version remain the same including front splitter, rear wing, and diffuser as we have seen on Coupe.

The R8 GT Spyder will give its advance performance at Le Mans 24-hour race in the June.

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2013 Audi A3 Sketches Unveiled

Audi has discovered a new way of teasing its customers by revealing the sketches of its new models. Recently, they revealed the sketches of Q3 and now we are having the official sketches for its forthcoming A3 sedan and hatch.

It is nonetheless a good way of publicizing their designs as they give the people a rough idea about the appearance of the upcoming vehicle. The sketch we have for A3 gives us a hint that the coming model is smoother and splendid than the model we have now. Every new model of Audi is based on this smoother concept and nothing else apparently.

Audi A3 Concept was revealed in the Geneva Auto Show and it is surely a pretty impressive car, but the hatchback seems more promising. The concept car came with turbocharged 5-cylinder engine, but we are not yet sure about the official engine lineup for the production series of 2013 Audi A3.

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